Success Stories

La-Tezia Ladson

La-Tezia Ladson came to Palmetto Youth Connections in January, 2013 with a goal in mind. As a high school graduate, she was hoping to gain employment and training skills to become a Registered Medical Assistant. She was committed to her goal from the start and began employability training right away. Click here to read La-Tezia's story

Morgan Vaughn

Morgan Vaughan graduated high school in 2012 and immediately entered the workforce as an entry level employee selling car parts. Morgan had firsthand knowledge of the commercial truck driving industry and knew that he could earn more income if he was a trained and certified truck driver. Morgan came to Palmetto Youth Connections to achieve this goal. Click here to read Morgan's story

David Morrison

David Morrison was a new father searching for new employment opportunities when he enrolled in Palmetto Youth Connections. David was unclear about his career goals and training interests at the beginning, but that quickly changed after starting a Work Experience project that ultimately led to employment. Click here to read David's story